Having a lovely smile can be integral to your confidence – your smile is the first thing people see, after all. If you’re less than confident about your smile, however, it can feel like chips, cracks, and gaps are all people see. There are a number of effective ways to complete your smile at IKON Dental, and our team can help you achieve your best smile yet. One of our most popular options is veneers, and there are a few things to know about them as you plan your cosmetic consultation.

1. Veneers are Permanent

Once permanent veneers are applied, they can only be removed by your dentist. This means they can last 15-20 years or longer with good care.

2. Veneers Come In a Variety of Shades

While we all want “pearly whites”, certain veneer shades will make your smile look more flattering. Choosing a shade that’s too white will cause your teeth to look unnatural. It’s recommended to choose a soft, natural white. Opaque white will usually end up looking too white and unnatural in most cases.

3. They Can Chip Or Crack

While veneers can last a long while, they do need to be taken care of. Like natural teeth, veneers can crack or chip if they’re mistreated. Avoind grinding your teeth or biting excessively hard objects, and make sure to check in with your dentist regularly to keep an eye out for wear and tear.

4. You Don’t Need A Full Set of Veneers

Sometimes, people only need a few teeth corrected. Getting veneers does not mean you need to cover every tooth. Veneers are custom to each individual, not one-size-fits-all – this means you can get veneers only where you need them.

5. Veneers Are Versatile

Veneers are a great solution for various dental issues, including:

  • Worn-down teeth
  • Discoloration
  • Gaps
  • Misalignment
  • Chips

If you have one or more of these issues, veneers might be right for you.

6. Porcelain Is A Stain-Resistant Material

People often choose porcelain veneers becasue it’s much better as resisting stains than resin-based veneers. Proper oral hygiene is still necessary for preventing stains and deterioration in either case, however.

7. Some People Aren’t Good Candidates

In some cases, veneers aren’t a good option. This includes people with a history of oral decay or infections. Your dentist will decide if veneers are your best option versus other restorative treatments like implants.

8. You’ll Keep Your Natural Teeth

Veneers are not implants. Instead, they’re made to cover the natural teeth, not replace them. This means no tooth extracton or surgery is required if you choose to get veneers.

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Veneers are an effective way to complete your smile and feel confident in your best moments. If you’re  in the Plainville, CT area and want to learn more about your options, contact IKON Dental Group today to schedule an appointment.