What is Digital Imaging?

Digital imaging is essentially the next generation of x-ray. Digital imaging is safer to the patient and exposes the patient to less radiation. Digital imaging uses a sensor to take an image, the image is then digitized and sent to the computer. Once the computer receives the image, it can then be shown on a screen rather than waiting for it to be printed on film.

What Can Digital Imaging be Used to Detect?

Digital imaging is often used during a comprehensive dental exam or visits to address a specific concern. Digital imaging is generally used to evaluate the following structures and oral conditions:

  • Growths; such as cysts or abscesses
  • Changes in bone density or bone loss
  • Developing cancerous tumors and non-cancerous tumors
  • Tooth and root positioning as well as new growth
  • Issues inside a tooth or below the gums that may be causing pain

Depending on what your concerns are, Dr. Khan may choose to use a few different views to find the source of an issue:

How Are Digital X-rays Safer?

Compared to older versions of x-ray imaging, digital imaging produces much less radiation making them generally safer. Not only is digital imaging safer and healthier for the patient, it is also faster for the practitioner to take and produce images to analyze prior to determining your treatment plan. As an added bonus, digital imaging is better for the environment due to the reduction in the use of harsh chemicals and film.

Although digital imaging produces far less radiation, Dr. Khan and his team will still take necessary precautions to protect their patients from the low levels of radiation. These precautionary measures include the use of lead aprons and buffers.

How Often Should Digital Imaging be Done?

While the frequency for digital imaging may depend on each patient’s individual needs, Dr. Khan may recommend that you have them taken as a new patient. After your initial assessment, Dr. Khan will recommend a frequency based on your current state of oral health. For new patients, a full digital imaging is recommended for Dr. Khan to create a comprehensive treatment plan for your oral health. By using digital imaging at your regular comprehensive exam, your dental team here at IKON Dental Group can address issues and conditions before they start, or before they progress.

Digital imaging serves as a diagnostic tool to help dentists see beyond the surface of your teeth. Dr. Khan and his team of dental hygienists use the information gathered by digital imaging to detect any underlying concerns or dental conditions.

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