What are Digital and Intraoral Photographs?

Digital and intraoral photography refers to photographs taken of the mouth and teeth. For digital photography, a digital camera is used to take a series of photos throughout the treatment process. Intraoral photography uses a small, pen-like camera to view and photograph the gums and teeth that can’t be easily seen with the naked eye. Digital and intraoral photographs are often easier to view and understand than x-rays.

Why do I Need Digital and Intraoral Photographs?

Your Plainville dentist might request that you have digital and intraoral photographs taken for one of the following purposes:

  • Diagnosis – Dentists can use intraoral photography to view areas of the mouth and teeth to help diagnose certain conditions. Photographs can show signs of gum disease, gingivitis, tooth decay, cavities, cracks in the teeth, and other abnormalities.
  • Documentation – Digital photographs are easily stored and transferred. They can be used to document a patient’s treatment and can be stored on their health record or transferred between healthcare providers.
  • Education – Photographs can be used to educate patients on their condition and provide a visual aid when explaining treatment. Patients who are having a hard time understanding or accepting their diagnosis can benefit from seeing the problem for themselves.

What to Expect During Digital and Intraoral Photographs

Photographs might be taken before, during, and after dental treatment. During your appointment for digital and intraoral photographs, you will be seated in a comfortable chair and asked to hold certain positions. Lights, mirrors, and tools to hold back the lips will be used to get a good view of the mouth and teeth. After your photographs are taken, they will be displayed on a screen where Dr. Khan will review them with you and point out healthy areas, as well as any areas of concern. Next, your dentist will discuss your course of treatment or transfer your photos to the appropriate healthcare provider.

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