At IKON Dental Group, we like to take a comprehensive and personalized approach to dentistry. We are a privately owned dental practice that does not answer to a corporate office quota. We provide quality dentistry and employ skilled staff who make patient care our number one priority. We pride ourselves on giving straightforward answers because integrity and trust are core values at IKON Dental Group.

Patients at IKON Dental Group can be assured that we are focused on you and not the clock. If your last dentist seemed to be distracted or you felt like your appointment was rushed, your experience is typical of the recent trends in dentistry. Several factors, including pressure from some insurers and shareholders, has led many practices to conduct shorter exams than ever before. This negatively impacts the quality of care you receive. It also leaves little time for the dentist to explain and answer questions about any recommended treatments.

We feel IKON Dental Group is set apart from other offices due to the following:

Our Commitment to Continuing Education

A Dentist is required to maintain a certain amount of continuing education hours per year in order to maintain their licensure. Dentists in Connecticut are required to have at least 25 hours biannually as the minimum. Dr. Khan does not feel this is adequate to be able to keep up with the growing advances in dentistry.

Dr. Khan takes well over the recommended amount of continuing education per year, attending courses to learn about new techniques and technology in dentistry. He travels around the country learning from leading professionals within the field. He feels his investment in continuing education translates into improved patient care that he wishes to provide for his patients.

Dr. Khan stays on the leading edge of dentistry by prioritizing continuing education and training in expanded services such as root canal therapy, extractions, clear aligner treatment and dental implant placement to name a few services. This provides our patients with convenience and comfort since the vast majority of their needed dentistry can be completed in their “home” dental office.

Our belief that patients should be involved in decisions about their care

We realize that you as the patient play a critical role in maintaining your dental health, so we pay a lot of attention to how we communicate with our patients. In some offices, the patient is more of a spectator in treatment, sometimes not even having the ability to make a decision. Our team believes that patient involvement and education is paramount to make your treatment worthwhile. We will spend the time you need to explain all of your options in depth and involve you in the decision-making process. When patients know what we are doing and why we are doing it, they make better decisions for themselves and their expectations are met.

We clearly explain what we observe during your exams, and we allow enough time to answer any questions you may have. We also use our visual aids and our dental technology to help explain conditions and demonstrate treatments.

Our technology and comfort items that allow for better care of our patients

At no additional cost to our patients, we offer:

  • High definition TVs with a choice of viewing/listening entertainment.
  • Blankets and Neck Pillows available during treatment.
  • Free WiFi available
  • Intraoral Cameras, so you can see what we see.

Quality materials made in the USA

We use only the best materials for our restorative and prosthetic cases for patient care. Our quality comes from surrounding local labs we associate with. At IKON Dental Group, we believe the quality of the material is what will produce the best result. We feel strongly about using materials made in the USA as they are of a higher quality and regulated to a stricter standard.

The vision of IKON Dental Group is to fill our practice with like-minded families from Plainville and the surrounding community who appreciate excellent dentistry and outstanding patient care. We thank you for visiting our website and invite you to experience dentistry as it should be!