We all have had our favorite television show interrupted by a commercial selling an at-home remedy for instantaneous white teeth, and there are a variety of reasons why people want their teeth to be pearly white. However, the DIY methods may not produce the best results. Read on for seven reasons why you should leave teeth whitening to the professionals.

First Impressions

Your teeth are one of the first things someone will notice about you. After all, you can’t have a conversation without revealing the condition of your teeth. Having them professionally whitened will guarantee you will be ready to meet a new special someone or have the confidence to go after that dream job.

A Healthy Glow

People who have beautiful white smiles tend to have a healthy glow. They tend to walk taller, are more confident, and are happier. People who use at-home whiteners may get some results, but nothing like the glow professional whitening provides.

Positive Perceived Changes

Just having a beautiful smile not only changes how you feel about yourself but can change how you act. People find themselves exuding newfound confidence thereby becoming more outgoing after professional treatment.

Whitening Teeth At Home May Not Be Safe

Did you know that not everyone is a candidate for whitening their teeth? Professionals at Ikon Dental Group, located in Plainville, CT, will assess your teeth to determine. Also, professional whitening will last longer than DIY whitening, which is better for the overall health of your teeth.

Teeth Stay Whiter Longer

Do-it-yourself treatments do not last long, and stains on teeth can be impossible to fully remove on your own. Most whiteners start to fade within a few weeks as the user continues their usual routine. Professional treatments are longer lasting with minimal oral hygiene required. Dr. Khan still recommends limiting the consumption of tobacco and dark liquids to increase the longevity of your results.

Professionals Use Better Products

Advances in techniques and products allow professionals to do a better job. For example, the professionals use a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide than the home kits. Most patients see a whiter smile after one visit, though Dr. Khan may recommend multiple treatments dependent on the severity of discoloration.

You Can Address Additional Dental Issues

Dr. Khan will assess your teeth before the whitening in order to ensure you are a candidate. This is a great chance for a professional to catch any damages like cavities or plaque build-up beforehand to ensure healthy teeth for years to come.

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