Whatever your plans for Thanksgiving, it’s important to remember that maintaining your dental health is a key step. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself over the holidays! Rather, you can take some steps to keep your mouth healthy for the long term. Here are some tips to follow as you plan your Thanksgiving holiday.

1. Keep An Eye Out for Sweets

Sure, desserts and treats are some of the best parts of Thanksgiving. However, the sugar content in these can feed the bacteria that live within your mouth. These bacteria grow and start producing harmful acids, which gradually deteriorate your enamel, leading to decay. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favorite Thanksgiving desserts– but do limit the number of sweets you consume, drink lots of water, and brush thoroughly after eating. This will flush out any sugar chunks and particles, preventing detrimental cavity damage.

2. Avoid Stains

Caffeinated drinks like coffee and tea, as well as other drinks like red wine and beer, can directly stain your teeth. An ideal way to prevent discoloring your teeth this Thanksgiving is to limit the amount of caffeine and alcoholic drinks you have. More so, after enjoying a drink, rinse with water and brush your teeth gently. Rough brushing will wear down your enamel and set in stains, causing further discoloration and damage.

3. Stock Up On Veggies

By plumping your plate with greens, you can help provide your body and teeth with essential nutrients, such as calcium, vitamins A, B, C, E; and potassium. Not only are these nutrients great for you, but they also help bolster your teeth and gum’s structural integrity, keeping them strong and healthy. Furthermore, vegetables are extremely low in sugar; thus, they help prevent the risk of developing cavities. Vegetables such as broccoli, asparagus, and cornflower act as natural toothbrushes and help get debris out of your teeth crevices when chewing.

4. Protect Your Teeth Against Acidic Wear

Most drinks such as wines, cranberry juices, and processed cocktails contain artificial derivatives and acids, which can destroy your enamel. One simple dental tip you can follow is to consume water whenever possible. Water will help flush out lingering acids in your teeth and replenish your teeth with essential minerals such as potassium, thus strengthening enamel and bone density. Once home, ensure to brush and floss to get rid of traces of lingering acids.

5. Curb Your Starch Intake

While starchy treats are a regular part of the festive season, starches and carbohydrates can cause tooth decay the same as processed sugars. Therefore, make sure to limit your intake of things like baked potatoes, bread, pies, cakes, and pastries during your Thanksgiving festivities. Furthermore, make sure to floss regularly to remove lingering debris from your teeth. This will help prevent plaque build-up and cavities.

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The holiday festivities are filled with cherishable moments, delicious food, and your favorite beverages, but it also comes with the risk of skipping out on proper dental hygiene practices. For the best in dental care and hygiene tips, meet with our expert team at IKON Dental Group by calling our Berlin office or filling out our online form.