Dr. Izaz Khan has spent much of his life and education in the greater Connecticut area, and knows the importance of providing excellent, compassionate dental care to the Southington area. Well-known for his trustworthiness and passion for dental and overall health, Dr. Khan and IKON Dental Group are constantly cultivating their relationship with families and patients in the Southington area.

Having studied extensively at the University of Connecticut, Central Connecticut State University, and University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Khan’s knowledge of dentistry is thorough and compounded by his experience at the Samuel Stratton VA Medical Center in New York where he completed his residency before gaining further experience practicing in various offices around the Hartford and New Haven areas.  He now serves the Central Connecticut and Southington communities he calls home.

Preventative Treatments

Preventative dental care is perhaps one of the most important steps in your dental and physical health. Many patients are uncomfortable with dentistry, but there’s no need to dread your preventative care in Southington with Dr. Khan and IKON Dental Group. Dr. Khan provides the best, most compassionate care with a positive, educational experience where your comfort is the highest priority. IKON Dental Group provides the latest technology so there’s no need for uncomfortable or outdated techniques, and entertainment options and observation cameras are provided. Dr. Kahn’s preventative treatments include:

Restorative Treatments

We use our teeth for many different things over the course of a lifetime, and they can become worn down, broken, or displaced. Dr. Khan offers exceptional restorative treatments to regenerate your smile and prevent further damage at the same time. These restorative treatments available at IKON Dental Group to the Southington area can leave your smile even better than before with worry-free solutions to your problem areas:

Cosmetic Procedures

If your smile is healthy but you still find yourself embarrassed about your teeth because of stains, misalignment, or other imperfections, Dr. Khan offers comprehensive cosmetic treatments to patients in the Southington area who don’t want to worry about what their smile reveals. IKON Dental Group’s cosmetic solutions can help you feel like you have reason to smile again.

About Southington, Connecticut

Located outside the busy Hartford center of Connecticut, Southington is known for its many orchards and beautiful, challenging terrain that includes the Great Unconformity, a geographical oddity also present in the Grand Canyon. Southington boasts a long history that stretches back to 1698 and observed many important events in America’s war history. Southington hosts many harvest festivals throughout the year to bring together local community and business.

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