Introducing children to a proper oral hygiene routine early on is critical for their prolonged oral health. When a child is taught how to brush and floss their teeth properly, it becomes a habit, and hopefully a lifelong one.

Caring for Young Children’s Teeth

As soon as child’s teeth emerge, you should begin to care for them. When your baby is very small, you can begin to care for their new teeth with a soft washcloth to gently clean them. After your baby’s first visit to the dentist, you can usually switch to a gentle brush.

When brushing your child’s teeth, remember that only a grain of rice sized dollop of toothpaste is needed when brushing a baby’s teeth. When the child turns about three, you can use a pea-sized amount. Children should brush their teeth twice a day.

Your Child’s First Dental Exam

Many parents wonder when they should begin to bring their child in for dental visits. An infant should generally have their teeth examined by the age of one, or within six months of their first teeth appearing. During this visit, the dentist will examine their teeth, and show parents how to brush the teeth.

Common Oral Health Issues in Children

 Children can suffer from oral health problems just like adults. Common issues for children include baby bottle decay, behaviors that cause alignment issues, and early tooth loss. Baby bottle decay can occur when a baby’s teeth are in frequent contact with milk or juice. Be sure to clean your baby’s teeth to avoid this. Behaviors that cause alignment issues, such as thumb sucking, or tongue thrusting can cause issued with teeth alignment. Early tooth loss can also cause issues, so be sure to see the dentist for a treatment plan for your child to correct the issue.

It is very important for parents to understand how to correctly care for their children’s teeth. If you wish to learn more about children’s dentistry or believe your child may need a check-up, call IKON Dental Group today!

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