While nobody wants to lose a tooth, sometimes infection or trauma can lead to a tooth being removed. Dental implants are a great option for replacing your lose tooth.

Dental implants are a safe and well-established procedure to help support false teeth. Just like the roots of your teeth, these titanium implants are placed within your jawbone. In order to ensure the longevity of your dental implants, you must take good care of them and be regular with your maintenance appointments. When you care for them and the bone in which they are implanted stays strong and healthy, your dental implants will last for many years.

What can dental implants be used for?

The implants can replace one or more teeth. Depending on the health of your jawbone, your dentist will determine whether implants can be used for missing teeth. A few tests are conducted to ensure that you have enough bone in the area. When there isn’t enough bone or if it is unhealthy, the implant area will first require a bone graft.

The implant procedure

At times, it is easier to place an implant than to replace your teeth. A local anesthesia is used to ensure there is no pain during the procedure; however, there might be some discomfort for a week after the placement of the implant.

Your false teeth can be fitted directly after the dental implants. You will be given a timetable before the treatment begins since some treatments might take longer to complete. Your dentist’s office will give you instructions on how to clean the implants. You will be given pain medication for a few days since it takes a while for the jaw to fuse and grow with your implants.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Since the implants replace the root, it creates the required stability and it helps to maintain the jawbone with stronger teeth. Here are some more advantages of dental implants:

  • They last longer – implants make you look and feel younger; they prevent bone loss that may take place due to teeth loss and your facial structure continues to be normal and intact.
  • Quality of results – your implants look and feel like natural teeth, keeping your smile attractive.
  • Boost to your confidence – with an improvement in the health, comfort, functionality, and appearance of your teeth, you will be more confident.

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