A dental bridge is a dental device surgically implanted in a patient’s mouth to replace one or more missing teeth. The permanent implant teeth are attached to one another in a single piece, creating a bridge that spans the gap between several missing teeth. It is usually made of porcelain material but also can be made from gold or titanium. Bridges are typically connected through metal posts that extend from either side of the crowns, which must be placed directly in the jawbone.

Patients who are not good candidates for dental bridges are those in poor oral health or have poor oral hygiene and those who do not consent to dental treatment. An infection of the jawbone can interfere with the success of this type of procedure.

1. Traditional Dental Bridge

This is a fast way of replacing one or more missing teeth. It involves applying a crown to two healthy teeth on either side of a missing tooth or teeth, between which an artificial tooth can be placed. The traditional dental bridge is a standard that can be used for many years, restoring both look and function to people with multiple missing teeth, no matter where they were in the mouth.

2. Cantilever Dental Bridge

The cantilever dental bridge is based on the same principles as a traditional dental bridge except with one anchor in the jawbone rather than on a surrounding tooth. With one end of the bridge anchored by the stainless steel rod, the other is bonded to a natural tooth, with or without the help of a metal or porcelain brace. This is often used when people have strong natural teeth on one side of the bridge, which eliminates the need for a second anchor point in the jawbone.

3. Maryland Dental Bridge

The Maryland dental bridge, also called the Maryland bridge technique, is a way to apply a dental bridge without implants or crowns. First, metal or porcelain frames are bonded to natural teeth on either side of the gap. The patient’s artificial tooth/teeth are prepared and bonded to these pieces, which become part of each tooth structure.

4. Implant-Supported Dental Bridge

The implant-supported dental bridge is anchored by dental rods, short cylinders made of stainless steel. These are placed into a patient’s jawbone with a painless surgical procedure. The teeth to be replaced are cast in a special resin from either a mold taken prior to removal or based on the natural shape of the surrounding teeth. The resin then sets and forms the final tooth structure for a seamless appearance upon final fitting.

Dental Bridge Fitting in Plainville, CT

A dental bridge is one of the most popular and widely used procedures for replacing a missing tooth or multiple teeth. A dental bridge is installed by a dentist or an oral surgeon but can be removed by either clinician if necessary. At IKON Dental, Dr. Khan is a trusted expert in applying and maintaining dental bridges of all kinds depending on your specific dental needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us online so we can help get you a natural-looking, functional smile as soon as possible.