The Treats and Threats of a Holiday Feast

You can picture it: the holiday buffet, plump with all the trimmings of the meal of the season – the dressing, gravy, cheesy casseroles, maybe a little eggnog or other festive cocktails. And who would glance at the dessert selection without taking at least two slices of pie or cake?

Indeed, we all indulge during the holidays with every treat that passes under our noses, but rarely do we consider that both sugary and savory delights linger on and in-between our teeth during the post-meal nap.

Tooth Care After the Big Meal

As you lean back and chat with friends and family after a holiday meal, you’ll start to notice the bits that got caught in between your teeth. You may have even put out toothpicks ahead of time to deal with this annoyance. But Don’t be tempted to use a toothpick to remove the particles, as this may be damaging to the gums. Brushing is always better plan of action.

Even if you don’t have your toothbrush handy at a moment’s notice, dental floss is a more sensible solution than a toothpick. A quick floss followed by rinsing with water will probably do the trick.

Stay Aware of Dental Health

Oral care is no more burdensome during the holiday feasting season than during the rest of the year. The reason it slips some people’s minds is that proper brushing and flossing routines are last on our lists when there’s a meal to prepare and friends to host.

Most people are aware of the threat to our teeth and gums when indulging in sugary holiday treats. However, savory portions of the meal pose an equal risk, as our saliva breaks down other molecules into sugar without us even knowing it, giving the bacteria in our mouths their own holiday feast.

A Simple Holiday Oral Health Habit

One habit to help prevent a buildup of food particles and sugar deposits is to swish with water every two to three bites. Swishing will not provide the same results as brushing and flossing, but can help to ensure that, as much as possible, food particles and sugary substances are kept at a minimum until you have time to brush and floss properly.

Be an Example for Little Ones

When you model good oral hygiene, whether you’re a parent, uncle, or a friend, you show others around you that it’s important and part of a normal routine. Especially for impressionable young people, it’s important that they have a variety of positive influences in their life from an early age; they’re always looking for role models in all kinds of behavior.

Good oral health begins at a young age and when it’s well-modeled by adults both within and outside the family, it’s easier to expect a lifetime of good oral care habits, even when it’s inconvenient.

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